The Glossary

1. the daily moisturiser for face & body SPF15
2. the facial cream cleanser
3. the facial gel cleanser
4. the toner
5. the eye make-up remover
6. the purifying mask
7. the soothing & glossing balm

Aloe Vera gel. The names means “wander in heaven”. It is obtained by cutting the leaves at their base which releases a thick sap that is well known for its healing and moisturising properties. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8,

Water Lily Extract- A symbol, since the dawn of time of freshness, purity, beauty, tranquillity and calm. The water lily grows in calm waters and is often referred to as “water nymph”, “queen of the lake” and “water moon”. The extract has exceptional properties with regards to skin protection and moisturisation and is a soothing active ingredient for sensitive or sun damaged skin. 2, 6

Shea Butter- is extracted from the kernels of the fruit of the Shea Nut Tree. Shea butter has been used for centuries by the people of Africa as a source of edible fat and for body care. It has excellent soothing properties and provides a degree of sun protection. 1, 7

Pearl Extract- is a marine complex based upon Pearl Powder and Sea Mineral Water. Traditional Chinese medicine believe that the minerals and essential amino acids from Pearl Powder help nourish the skin, improve metabolism and protect against the damaging effects of the environment. 2

Rose Water- to soften & soothe the skin. 4

Rice Bran Oil- extracted from brown rice bran is a rich source of Vitamin E and a mix of phytosterols which enhances the peripheral blood flow in the skin is an effective UV filter and
helps reduce the effect of sunburn. 1

Sesame Seed Oil- obtained by pressing unroasted sesame seeds was known in ancient Egyptian times as a purifier and contains high levels of natural antioxidants that help provide some
sun protection factor. 1

Lime Seed Oil- expressed from the seeds of the Lime fruit this oil mainly consists of Omega 3,6 &9 that helps support tissue regeneration, acts as an emollient and a sophisticated skin conditioner and is particularly effective on mildly inflamed skin conditions. 6,

A composition of plant extracts from Great Burdock and Erysimum, known to have purifying and sebo-regulating activity to help rebalance sebaceous secretion, reduce cutaneous inflammation and reduce the oily glow of the skin. Great Burdock has been used since ancient times to treat various skin aliments and Erysimum is a traditional medicinal plant known for its antiseptic action. 6

A very mild cleansing agent derived from Olive Oil – Olive Oil has been used since ancient time for its soothing, antioxidant and emollient properties. It is rich in nutrients which keep the skin feeling moist and supple and these properties within this derivative, that gives a creamy and pleasant foam, help condition the skin and prevent loss of the skin’s natural oils. 2, 4

A conditioning and anti-static agent derived from Shea Butter- that has all the mildness and caring properties associated with Shea Butter, is suitable for sensitive skin and also produces a good creamy foam. 2, 6

Glycerine- the humectant properties of this vegetable derived glycerine helps prevent excessive moisture loss through the skin . 6, 7, 9

Fresh Pumpkin Cells- Due to the extraction method the fresh cells remain intact and only degrade on contact with the enzymes in the epidermis to release their active protective and co-moisturising properties to help repair, moisturise and soothe the skin. 1

A vegetable derived active from Wheat & Wood –that moisturises & restructures the skin by harmonising the hydrous flow, improving water reserves & limiting water loss within the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and better equipped to combat external aggressions. 4

Fresh Kiwi Cells- being rich in Vitamins C & E the Kiwi contains high levels of antioxidants, which due to the extraction method whereby the fresh cells remain intact and only degrade on contact with the enzymes in the epidermis are released to help protect young skin from oxidative stress and the damaging effects of pollutants. 3, 6

An Olive derived emulsifier that provides moisturisation, is totally safe and hypoallergenic. 4

A water soluble Olive Oil- that helps to moisturise and condition the skin. 4, 5

Yerba Santa, native to western USA, commonly known as Mountain Balm or Holy Herb has been used by native tribes as a herbal remedy for centuries. From this plant the naturally occurring glycoproteins are isolated that give it its moisturising and soothing properties. This material also gives a silicone type slip feel on the skin. 1

Amazonian White Clay- sourced from the Rain Forest and certified as being sourced from sustainable development and a well managed Biodiversity Enhancement programme incorporating local communities, it is very rich in mineral salts that eliminate toxins from the skin surface and deep cleanses the skin. It also contains nutrients that help fight against free radicals. 6

Oat Flour- Obtained by finely grinding Oat kernels, it is a source of protein. 6

Arginine- An amino acid found within the skin, it is a natural moisturizer, suitable for sensitive skin. 6

Lady Thistle Oil- originates from the Mediterranean from the time when Europe and Africa were joined. It is particularly useful in creams for damaged and dull skin. In addition it has an antioxidant action and anti-aging properties. 3

Vitamin E Acetate- penetrates into the skin where it exhibits anti-inflammatory activity, its anti-oxidant properties helps protect cells from UV damage and environmental pollutants. 3, 7

Kalahari Watermelon Seed Oil- attains its name from the visual spectacle of 8 million blossoms per acre appearing as a blanket of white foam across the meadows of the USA and New Zealand where it is grown . The seeds are harvested to yield an oil that has a luxurious feel due to its unique chemical composition and also conatins naturally occurring Vitamin E.
giving it excellent moisturising properties. 7

Bisabolol- An anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning agent derived from Camomile flowers. 3

Cocoa Extract- Pre-Columbian civilizations began using Cocoa beans over 2600 years ago as a hot beverage known as” Xocolat” or “bitter water”- Theobroma means “food of the gods”, so called because of the goodness of its seeds. This active extract acts as a skin balancer and energizer and has detoxifying and cell damage protective properties. 3

Theobroam Grandiflorum- A natural oil extracted from carefully selected seeds of the Cupuacu tree that grow in the Amazon rainforest and is rich in vitamin E and phytosterols, both associated with skin barrier repair and anti-inflammation. The large seeds are picked in the wild by people living within local communities and are harvested under the direction of a forest-handling plan/agricultural management plan where the raw material is cultivated. 3

Cotton Seed Oil- Cotton has been harvested for more than 4000 years and originated in Africa although is now grown in both America and Asia. The seeds are rich in proteins as well as Vitamin B which have been shown to have conditioning and anti-irritant effects. 3

Orchid- This exotic extract is a natural emollient and dispersing agent therefore ideal for gentle cleansing cream. 3

Meadowfoam Seed Oil- attains its name from the visual spectacle of 8 million blossoms per acre appearing as a blanket of white foam across the meadows of the USA and New Zealand where it is grown . The seeds are harvested to yield an oil that has a luxurious feel due to its unique chemical composition and also conatins naturally occurring Vitamin E.
giving it excellent moisturising properties. 8

Pomegranate Extract- originates from ancient Persia. The fruit contains up to 800 seeds which are collected and crushed to yield the valuable cosmetic & edible oil. It is a unique oil from which the extract is made, that contains over 60% punicic acid which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. The oil also has antioxidant, moisturising and
nourishing properties. 5

Rose Hip Seed Oil- Known for its unique, high vitamin A content and essential fatty acids, the oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of the fruit called “hips” from the wild Rose bush. It is used to help many skin conditions and as such is ideal for young and delicate skin. 8

Argan Oil- The Argan tree also known as the Moroccan olive tree days back to the Teriary era when there was probably a land link between the Moroccan coast and the Canary Islands. It neutralises free radicals and helps protect the connective tissue and has been shown to restore the hydro-lipid film and revitalise the skin. 6

Panthenol- is a deep penetrating moisturiser, and acts as an anti-inflammatory to help soothe the skin. 5

Squalane- a natural emollient, derived from olive oil, that imparts a non – greasy, silky feeling to help combat dry and rough skin. 7

Tahitian Monoi- Traditionally, Monoi de Tahiti has always been very special to the Polynesian people, including the ritual of covering new born babies from head to toe with it to protect them from dehydration during very hot spells while it also acted as a natural antiseptic against mosquito bites. It has been used in many native practices such as religious ceremonies, in holistic medicine and in daily beauty body and hair care. Tiare (Gardenia taitensis) blossoms are hand picked and soaked in refined coconut oil to produce a uniquely beneficial ingredient that is used traditionally to hydrate and condition both skin and hair. In traditional medicine however it is also used to treat some types of eczema, earache, migraine and to relieve insect bites. In recent times scientific studies have been carried and confirm the beneficial properties of this ingredient. 6

Kakadu Plum Extract- derived from the Australian tree Terminalia ferdinandiana native to the World Heritage, Kakadu National Park, the kakadu plum is the edible green fruit and contains one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C equivalent to approximately 10 oranges. The fruit has been traditionally eaten by the Aborigines of Northern Australia for thousands of years as a medicinal food. The fruit is wild harvested in a sustainable manner without degradation to the environment and the extract has Anti- oxidant and Anti-irritant properties to help improve the appearance of blemished skin in addition to help protect the skin from photo-aging. 6

Apricot Kernel Oil- The Chinese were probably the first to cultivate Apricots before 2,000 B.C. and it is likely that the fruit was taken westward by silk traders until reaching Persia by the 1st. Century B.C. and Greece and Rome soon after. The Greeks named it Armenian apple as they incorrectly thought it originated in Armenia and from this its botanical name was derived, however the Romans named it “praecicium” –precocious due to its early ripening and from this the common name Apricot is derived. The fruit is now grown in most regions that have warmer temperate climates. The oil is obtained by the pressing of the kernels resulting in an emollient with good occlusive properties that help prevent excessive loss of moisture through the skin. 6

Apricot Butter- Derived from Apricot Kernel Oil this soft butter is certified as Organic by Ecocert and helps nourish the skin. 7

Mango Butter- Derived from the fruit of the Mango tree, the butter is extracted from the discarded mango kernels to yield an excellent emollient to help moisturise the skin. The mango has been cultivated in India for thousands of years although now grown in many tropical countries. 6

Castor Oil- is derived from the grey & black mottled seeds indigenous to eastern Africa. Albeit a mild moisturiser its main benefit within the final product is its excellent film forming properties which help protect the skin. 7

Lanolin- Naturally derived from wool is an excellent emollient and moisturizer that helps smooth & soften the skin. 8

An occlusive, natural alternative to petroleum jelly derived from Castor Oil that provides a “cushion” and pleasant emollient after feel and helps prevent excessive water loss from the skin- ideal for normal to dry, and dry skin. 7

All of the cleansing agents are mild and vegetable derived. 2, 4